Affiliate FAQs

So, what are my commissions? 

Simply put, the more people purchase through your discount link, the higher your commissions and overall earnings will be. Here's what commission you'll receive based on how many orders your link generates: 

- 0 to 5 sales per month: 5%
- 6-9 sales per month: 7%
- Everything over 10 sales per month: 10%


How often will I receive payment on my commissions?

As soon as your account balance reaches $25 we'll queue your first payment via Paypal or bank transfer. Payouts are made once a month and please note that we work mostly with affiliates based in the US. If you're based elsewhere, it's best if you use Paypal to receive your commissions from us. 


I'm an influencer and would like to work with you long-term. How can I do that?

We work with a number of influencers on an ongoing basis. If you think you'd be a good fit to work with Jelli in a similar way, please email us at including details of your social media platforms and ideas around cross-promotion. We'll get back to you and let you know if we agree that we're a good fit to work together. 


Do I still get a commission if someone cancels their order, or requests a refund? 

Refunds don't impact your commissions if they are in-line with our average refund rates from other channels. If orders are cancelled within the commissionable period, they will not be included in our commission totals. If we notice that customers using your link are repeatedly requesting refunds, we reserve the right to deactivate your affiliate link and discount codes without prior notice. 


How many times can someone use my link?

Each individual using your link may use your discount once. If we notice that different customers using your link are repeatedly shipping to the same address, we reserve the right to deactivate your affiliate link and discount codes without prior notice